Blank Or Raw Products For Self Decorating and Mosaicing

We have an amazing range of products all of which can be supplied in there natural state which is raw white concrete. As you will see when you look through our categories concrete is an amazing canvas to create a piece of art. If you love painting or mosaicing and would like to give it ago you can select any one of our 1400 products and we will leave it untouched so you can let your imagination run wild…….

Mosaic it!!! it is so much fun….The product below is new and is plain and smooth, ready to decorate any way you would like. I chose to mosaic it using half  teacup to form vessels to grow small succulents in and also added an old terracotta pot saucer and mosaiced it to match to hold bird seed or water to attract more bird life into my garden. It is now hanging on my outside patio wall. This was so much fun to create and really looks great in my garden. Adding colour, interest and life.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your ideas…ring Louise 0438246107

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